I hate it when a song takes a long time to get going. Sometimes I’m listening to my my iPod and a song’s been playing for ten seconds and it’s still so silent I can’t tell which song it is. Or after listening to the same song for five minutes I’m getting bored. Most often I decide I don’t feel like putting up with any more and skip to the next track.

So I try to get the song over with. It’s like life: from birth it’s just a countdown to death. Once a song has started I’m already trying to get to the end. Long bridges, drawn out intros and their ilk are a waste of time, like actors performing melodramatic deaths. I want to make the most of the time I’ve got. I don’t want listeners wondering if my album has something better to do—three-and-a-half minutes of “na na na” isn’t the most interesting thing they could listening to.

My principle:

So stop gratifying yourself about how moody your guitar riff is and sing some fucking vocals, play the energetic part, and move on.