I used to have a weird-but-catchy song called Pink Pick. I even performed it once. However like most of my songs it wasn’t finished, particularly the lyrics. Weird is fine with me but they were also a bit formulaic, which clashed quite a bit with the guitar that kept changing its form.

So I ripped it into bits, rewrote nearly all the lyrics including the chorus. And thus Burn It (or burned, I’m not quite done yet) was born.

Now Burn It is getting flushed out and given a bass part and drums, etc, so it can appear on my album. I’ve been fighting with the drums, particularly how they work in the bridge near the end of the song. Nice rock drum kits that work in the verse and chorus can’t hold up the bridge. Not even a harp helps.

The breakthrough was using some beats a bit more house than rock. Check it out.